Support for over 18s
More than 10 days ago

Something may have happened to you in the last few weeks, months or years.

Support at SV2 is available regardless of when the abuse happened. There are many reasons people do not come speak to anyone immediately following the incident, and that’s ok.

You may feel that you want to report now but there may be many questions going through your head: Will I be able to cope? How long will it all take? Will anyone even believe me?

You could discuss these questions with an ISVA, who can offer on-going support to you if you decide to go ahead. Find out more about the ISVA service here.

The other support available to you is counselling/therapy. You do not need to have reported an incident in order to get access to this service. Find out more about the therapy service here.

If you wish to refer yourself you can download the relevant referral form here.