You are supporting someone who has experienced sexual violence

Supporting someone going through a deeply traumatic time is difficult.

You may be struggling to understand, or feel guilty because you are finding it hard too.

You are not alone in feeling this way and support is available to you.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

If you are a parent of a young child and have a CHISVA, they will be working with you and providing ongoing support for you as well.

If your child is older the CHISVA’s main role will be to support the young person. You can still refer yourself into the service and receive support from a different ISVA.

This isn’t just for parents. You may be a husband/wife/partner who needs some extra support. There is no shame in seeking this as to be able to give someone your full support you need to feel supported as well.


You may find that counselling might be something to consider. Supporting someone going through an emotional time may bring up things for yourself. You could discuss this with your ISVA or even self-refer by completing our referral form below.

You can download self-referral forms here.