Support for over 18s
Less than 10 days ago

If something has happened to you recently you have the option to speak with specialist nurses or have a forensic medical examination at the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC).

You can either report to the police or call the SARC directly on 01332 413 260.

Whether the police are involved or not, you will be supported by a specialist nurse and a Crisis Worker .

To help protect DNA for a forensic medical, it is best if you do not:


Brush your teeth

Eat or drink

Change your clothes (or if you do, please store the worn clothes in a clean plastic bag)

Dispose of any sanitary wear

Tidy or clear up anything from the incident

During your visit to the SARC, the Crisis Worker will go through the options and other support available to you after the medical. The two main services that we will be able to offer you is therapy/counselling and the ISVA service.

For more details about our SARC or information on how to access this service please click here.