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  •  Have you ever been raped or sexually abused?
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SV2 will support you regardless of when your experience of sexual abuse or violence occurred. We support all genders from any age and offer counselling to anyone aged 14+.

You do not have to report the abuse to the police to get support from SV2. However, if you do want to report we can support you through the reporting process, during the forensic examination if one is needed, through the investigation and when you are at court.

SV2 will help you access other services such as sexual health if you need to and we can provide specialist counselling.

SV2 also works with young people to raise their understanding of what "consent" means.

We do not work with perpetrators of any gender

The Rape Delusion: The Voices of the Victims

If there is one thing that tells us something perverse and disturbing about our society it is the fact that we even countenance the notion that a woman might be responsible for being raped.

When we rationalise to some level of normality the rape of women as being, somehow different, that there are grey areas, that ordinary men can spontaneously lose all form of moral consciousness and violate someone sexually in a moment of uncontrolled lust-fuelled madness, then it is an indictment not only about our attitude towards women in society but also a shockingly offensive and naive view of "mainstream" male sexuality. The sight of any woman in supposedly "provocative" circumstances does not have the potential of converting any man into a rapist. Rape has no connection with mutual, caring, sexual relations, however tenuous, it's about power, control, domination, and a lack of respect for the dignity and rights of another human being. A rapist plans to rape.

The psychological impacts of rape, and society’s attitude towards the crime, create a damaging lifelong legacy for the tens of thousands of women who have to remain silent about their experience, who are isolated from society – all because of the rape "delusion".

Click here to read the full article on Derby News (opens in new window)

By Russell Pollard, first published 11th August 2015

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Independent Inquiry into CSA


The Independent Inquiry has produced some videos about their work and how survivors can share their experiences as part of the Truth Project.

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